Spiritual Empowerment

Making Spiritual Empowerment among Children.

In IQF, the young minds get trained to discover their inner potential so that they can mould their lives & careers revolving around timeless knowledge and subsequently emerge as creators of their own destiny.

The ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta propagates the importance of developing the "whole" person or developing all the aspects of our personality that make us harmonious beings. Vedanta says that a human being is not a tiny speck of dust on the earth, but a Divine being with infinite potential. Therefore, s(he) must strive to ignite that spark that is covered by the sheaths of mental conditioning and false beliefs. Spiritual Empowerment is the process of becoming the best version of yourself in order to realise your divine potential in everyday life. It is a journey of self-discovery, self-improvement and self-realisation.

Workshops and Training Programmes

  • Workshop on Personality Development explains the different dimensions of the human personality, according to Vedanta (an ancient life-philosophy of India) and enables participants to adopt an inside-out approach to life. Participants learn how to be anchored in spirituality and develop the different dimensions of personality by embarking on a daily Action Programme.

  • Mind power workshops are another hallmark of IQF’s interventions. Through a thorough module, the participants learn the cognisance of the mind, its various states and how to control and focus the monkey mind. The Outbound Mind Power Training programmes are also conducted where the participants get trained for Peak Performance.

  • Modular Workshops on Self-Development cater to specific requirements of students, related to the human personality. Subjects can range from ‘Mind Management’ to ‘Attitude Transformation’, ‘Confidence Building’, ‘Character Transformation’, ‘Problem Solving’, etc.

  • IQF conducts Spiritual Empowerment Workshops for school teachers emphasising the quintessential role of nobility in character towards greater impact on the student community. That joy and fulfilment can be derived in the process of teaching through developing noble qualities is conveyed through group discussions, team presentations and syndicate exercises. Teachers learn how to meditate and detach themselves from transient distractions.

Inter School Events

To create awareness of Holistic Quality amongst students and teachers, IQF organises several inter-school events in an academic year like Debates, Declamations, Poster-Making, Street Plays, Essay Writing, etc. These events are hosted by the member schools of IQF and provide a platform to students to express their creative talents, while retaining the educative content of the themes of the events.

Every year different schools come forward to host IQF Inter-School Events. IQF does not, on principle, promote the environment of competition. As such, out of the participants few are selected as performers of excellence instead of ranking them in any order. Thus though the flavour of competition, without any cut-throat fighting, is maintained. The host school is not, voluntarily, a contender for the performers of excellence. Over the years IQF Inter-School Events has gained much popularity among the schools and with each passing year the no. of such events is on the rise.

The host schools and the participating schools also realise that in the preparation of the event the participating students subtly imbibes the theme of such events. And that is what IQF wants to achieve through such events.

Recent Events

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    Vivekashala 2.0 Online Summer Camp

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    Inter school event in Uttrakhand on 26 March

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Value Education Project, Dehradun

The Value Education Pilot Project was started in Dehradun to foster synchronous development of the mind, body and spirit among the middle school learners, and put them on the path of progressive realisation. Our teaching modules are based on the five ‘Student’s Vows’ which represent the cardinal teachings of Swami Vivekananda, and incorporate values to lay the foundation of a strong and pure character. The impact of these modules were felt in the lives of students and reported back to the school by their parents. Cases of students discarding junk food, becoming more respectful towards parents, devoting more time to meditation and becoming less arrogant were frequently reported as a result of these interventions.

IQF Value Education (V.Ed. ) classes were the highlight of my school experience. These were the only classes I gladly looked forward to attending week after week. Once I entered the V.Ed. classroom, all the conflicts and turmoil within me somehow vanished. A calm and serene bubble would surround me. I felt safe, heard, comfortable, belonged and grounded. It felt ethereal to receive so much love and respect from Sushma ma’am, and it feels even more beautiful to be able to reciprocate and spread it further. I could walk up to her any time and she would be there for me. That made me start believing in others again.

—Mehak Juyal, Class IX, Brightlands, Dehradun

When I attended the first Value Education class, I was a shy and introverted boy of class 4. I would find it difficult to open up with my classmates and teachers. After attending a few classes, I began to respond to my teachers and started talking with my classmates. Our Value Education teacher left no stone unturned to change my attitude and personality. No doubt, these classes have prepared us to face the outside world in situations where our education betrays us and our moral values start defining us.

—S. Aditya Narayan, Class IX, Brightlands, Dehradun

Thank you very much for introducing meditation to us in an easy manner which provided us with great help in calming down...We learned compassion, empathy, kindness and generosity, and all of this motivated us even more to serve our country and contribute towards society.

—Afifah, Class IX, Brightlands School, Dehradun

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    We conduct workshops on Vedanta-centric Personality Development to help the students and youth realise their true potential.

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