Meet Ojasv Kapoor, IQF Ambassador

Hello! My Name is Ojasv Kapoor. I am in class 10th and currently studying in Bharti Public School, Delhi! On a fine morning in 2019, my class teacher announced the IQF Club and encouraged students to participate in it. Honestly speaking at first, I was not at all interested in joining the Club but when my friends started telling me stories about how things were going in the Club, I became very enthusiastic and shortly joined the Club. Every morning we used to have yoga sessions, plays and conversations, which gave us a new perspective. My Mental and physical abilities skyrocketed during these wonderful years. When Covid happened, I explored different fields of interest and found my passion in tech, researching, and reading. I started my coding journey in 2020 with projects like and most importantly started building productive habits that compounded from time to time. My future goal is to continue exploring my interests and unleash my infinite potential. My ultimate goal is to set up educational institutions that are not like we have right now but to change the way the education system works in the country because I have a bold faith that education can fix almost everything in this world. As an IQF ambassador, I think IQF has given me more than awareness-also a great network of people whom I can connect with and take the IQF community forward. As an IQF Ambassador, I want to serve the nation through small causes with the help of the Club by supporting the poor. My long-term goal is to build growth centres where people come and attend sessions and learn to be self-reliant. Thank You, Ojasv Kapoor