Aaryan Verma

My journey with IQF is something that I can never forget. When IQF Club was started in our school, it took me some time to go along the flow as we were exposed to several things we had never done before. It all seemed pretty intriguing compared to the other school classes. However, things changed soon, and my first year with the IQF Club was full of learning and excitement. But the second year was most memorable. We got the opportunity to attend a week-long camp at RKM Ashrama, Dehradun. Staying with unfamiliar people in the Ashrama environment--away from the city noise and distractions was a unique experience. Everything--from attending morning yoga, interactive sessions, games and activities throughout the day and evening prayers at the temple, to partaking Ashrama food and interacting with new people made it one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Then the pandemic came and online sessions were started. But, it was a blessing in disguise. As an IQF Ambassador, I could reach out and connect with a large number of people from different locations. Given the opportunity, I would like to continue my association with IQF Club forever. After all, it has been a journey worth it!